The NRA, Gun Control and Manhood

Sorry!  I just couldn’t resist.

Cartoon by EJ - Guns and Manhood

After listening to arguments against reasonable gun control from the NRA’s LaPierre, Keene and the like, I have a simple hypothesis that makes complete sense of this reasoning. (Of course, it’s just a hypothesis so it could be wrong.)

For the extreme advocates, the number of rounds, the size of the magazines and the kind of assault rifles they own defines their manhood.  Take away their guns and just neutered things are left.  So the debate is not about gun control, it’s about manhood control.  They will do and say anything to protect what they perceive as their manhood


America’s Tsunami

EJ Cartoon - America's Tsunami

First, we had lobbyists and PACs.  Now, thanks to the Supreme Court, Super PACs.  Our voices are drowned out by the billions being spent by the super-rich.  I wonder if freedom will survive this sea of money.  Thus, this cartoon.