Black Mosque

Republican Making Case For Ousting President Obama

I drew this cartoon to express what appears to be the hatred of many Republican leaders for our African-American president. Minority Leader Senator McConnell’s early declaration that his primary goal was to make President Obama a one-term president is outrageous. The number of filibusters during Obama’s administration under McConnell’s “leadership” is close to double the ridiculously high levels during the Clinton and Bush administrations. See the interesting chart in Ezra Klein’s article, the history of the filibuster. Then, there is the unending assertion that the president is not a U.S.citizen and that he is a Muslim. Hate, Hate, Hate!


Romney-Ryan and Medicare

Cartoon of Romney-Ryan Medicare

Silly me, I thought the Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it would drive many, if not most, Florida retirees to Obama. Instead, many polls showed the Romney-Ryan ticket with a slight lead among this state’s retirees. This is my explanation – DON’T TAKE THE CARTOON TOO SERIOUSLY!.

Grover Norquist

Norquist the porcupine

I was watching a news clip of Grover Norquist expounding his views and wondering how this non-elected, not particularly articulate person could intimidate essentially every elected Republican in congress into signing a pledge to never, ever raise taxes even if the future of the country depends on it. Continue reading

The Last Great White Hope

Cartoon - Romney is the Last Great Hope for Defeating Obama

This is a takeoff on the white men billed in the early part of the 1900’s as “Great White Hopes” sent to knockout heavyweight champ Jack Johnson who was black and hated by some white boxing fans. The faces are drawn in a primitive Cubism style. One by one, the leading white Republican candidates are shot at the pensive President Obama, who floats  above them (so far).