The top 1 Percent (Jobs)

Cartoon by EJ - The top 1 percent and jobs

This cartoon represents the greed of many multi-millionaires/billionaires whose only goal is to become even more wealthy. We’ve all read about people who apparently think they can’t survive on a few millions or a few tens of millions of dollars per year and pay taxes, too. So they have offshore investments and other instruments to avoid taxes. (Kind of reminds you of a recent Republican presidential candidate, doesn’t it?)  We have seen the growth of super-PACs funded by wealthy individuals with one hope – swaying elections for their advantage.

But I have to keep reminding myself that few things are either black or white. Not all wealthy people fit this stereotype. On last night’s “60 Minutes” show (2013 May 5), there were inspiring segments on the Robin Hood Foundation’s work fighting poverty and on the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund helping veterans and their families. These are just two of the foundations funded initially by very wealthy people to make America a better place.


2 thoughts on “The top 1 Percent (Jobs)

  1. Great concept – however it looks too much like a modern cruise ship which wealthy people no longer take since it would expose them to us rabble – rather than a Titanic … I had an idea for a cartoon, no longer timely, with the Enron logo turned into a sinking Titanic…

    • Hi, John. The ship was intended to be a very distorted representation of a private yacht (I guess not very well done). The yacht carries the vast wealth, tax breaks, etc. that has exceeded the ship’s capacity. So the 1% need yet a bigger ship.

      You should draw your Enron cartoon. As you know, we are not newspapers. Thus, no deadlines. Plus the Enrons of the world are still alive in one form or another and doing very well.

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