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 If we can not laugh at reality then surely
                                   it will drive us mad.   EJ 2008


                   AND THEIR FAMILIES

       DCToon State of the Union Soldier Cartoon by EJ      

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 Gov. Perry calls Fed. Chairman Bernanke treasonous (Cartoon by EJ) Rep. Michele Bachmann redefines respectful (cartoon by EJ) Maryland Football Anderson Cartoon by EJ Republican Tax Trilogies (Cartoon by EJ)
 Texas Gov Perry Prays for Obama (Cartoon by EJ) Texas Gov Perry May Run for President - Draught (Cartoon by EJ) Obama Caves to McConnell and Repulicans on Debt-Ceiling (Cartoon by EJ) Obama Caves In to McConnell and Republicans on Debt Ceiling  Anthony Weiner Scandal (DCToon Cartoon by EJ)
 Gaddafi Medusa - Cartoon by EJ - Thumbnail Egyptians Speak to Mubarak - Cartoon by EJ Edsall has Maryland football in the toilet Bowl (Cartoon by EJ) Putocrats - Boehner, McConnell and Cantor - Cartoon by EJ Sessions Questions Sotomayor's Qualifications for the Supreme Court
 Ethnic Cleansing White House Jan 2009 (Political Cartoon by EJ) Did Obama quit smoking? A political cartoon be EJ GM, Ford and Chrysler CEOs Come to DC (Political Cartoon by EJ) Illinois Governor Blagojevich Says (Political Cartoon by EJ) Obama Transition to the White House (Political Cartoon by EJ) Paulson Bailout Hooker (Political Cartoon by EJ) 
 Warren Bigotry (Political Cartoon by EJ) Daschle Clown (Political Cartoon by EJ) Big 3 in evening news (cartoon/caricature by EJ) AIG Wall Street Bailout (Political Cartoon byEJ) Michelle Obama meets Queen Elizabeth II Swine Flu Poo (political cartoon by EJ)
 McConnel meets Sotomayer (political cartoon by EJ) NV Senator Ensign a Possible Marriage Czar?  (Political cartoon by EJ) Bush Wizard Of Odd (Cartoon by EJ) Salahi's Crash White House Part (Thumbnail) 2010 Olymics: Men's Figure Skating (Cartoon by EJ)
 Tiger Woods in the Woods? (Cartoon by EJ)  Cash for Congressional Clunkers (a political cartoon by EJ) Governor Stafford Neglected (Cartoon be EJ) Transformation on Main Street What is the Pope Thinking? (Cartoon be EJ)
 Glen Beck call Obama a racist (Political cartoon by EJ) Pelosi's flight costs (Political cartoon by EJ) Senate Candidate Paul & BP's Hayward Political Cartoon by EJ Admiral Allen Trusts BP's Hayward (Cartoon by EJ) BP's Hayward Bets The Gulf of Mexico (Political Cartoon by EJ)
 Dingell Grills BP's CEO Hayward during Congressional Hearings (Cartoon by EJ) Middle East Abbas Netanyahu Holly Box DCToon Cartoon by EJ Emanuel runs for mayor of Chicago

My Old Favorites:

Bush's legacy in America (Cartoon by EJ) White House - Ethnic Cleansing (Cartoon) Jobs that Bush could handle Robert Novak Caricature (Caricature by EJ) Political Putin Caricature by EJ
 Obama versus McCain Political Cartoon by EJ  Katie Couric Inteviews Sarah Palin (Cartoon by EJ)

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